Sports are important for shaping mental and physical health. Sports develop coordination. We place great emphasis on offering various possibilities of sports for the children. Sport activities are supervised by qualified trainers keeping children's age appropriacy in mind



There's nothing like water to keep kids fit and healthy, energized and having fun. Our aim is to encourage the lifelong love of water. We offer kids to learn introductory swimming skills and water safety skills.

Swimming is one of the most effective sports since it makes all muscles move at the same time. The body’s oxygen cycling is well balanced while swimming and it improves the capacity of lungs, heart and vascular systems. Children love swimming. Once a week a private bus takes them to Hajós Alfréd Pool where they are placed in groups by their ability level.



Every Thursday afternoon optional ball games are held in our school by our trainers.Playful and various ball games develop their gross motor skills, coordination skills and stamina.



Rock’n Roll’s main features are the spectacular and easy-to-learn dance steps and the well-liked, cheerful and dynamic music.The simple, basic steps are perfect for children to easily succeed and practice with music.It develops coordination, rhythm and imitation skills. It increases the willingness to move and brings joy to participants.



Hungarian folk dance lessons provide a great opportunity for kids to learn a new way to move and give a closer look at Hungarian culture and customs.

The steps are simple and easy-to-follow, the songs are catchy, easy-to-remember thanks to their clear rhythm. Folk dance improves coordination, musical hearing and rhythm skills, and has a beneficial effect on posture as well.



With the help of the natural sciences we organize an interactive club where kids can learn how to communicate independently and work in groups.Through these experiences they can discover and access on their level the knowledge base of Physics, Biology, Environmental Protection, Astronomy, Math and Info-communications.

The club is in English and uses colorful and modern learning methods like co-operative learning, activity and technology (smartboard, photography) based techniques, experiments, etc. Participants are selected based on the recommendations of group kindergarten teachers.