How to leave your child at the kindergarten? Children are often tearful when their Mummy leaves them – tears are part of nursery life. It is a big step for children and parents. However, tears usually dry up within five minutes of their parent's departure. But only if it is a real departure. It does not help if parents linger around the hall, in front of the building and the playground because if children happen to see them the tears will start again and it will only make the parting longer and harder. It is important not slip out while the child is otherwise occupied – saying goodbye and reassuring him/her that you will be back soon to collect him/her is important. The preschool teachers are gentle and flexible with the children and parents entering the kindergarten and since each child is different there are no strict rules regarding the way and speed of transition. The most important thing for us is that to ensure efficiency of education the cooperation between parents and teachers is smooth.