We pay special attention to talent support. We tailor our programme to the child's individual needs, which includes the development of moral, social and intellectual skills. For us every child is an individual and we take care of them according to their interests and personality

School readiness

Children reaching school age receive individually appropriate development beyond morning micro group activities. We pay special attention to language skills, Mathematics and sports.


Children are in daily contact with English since one of the group teachers speaks only English to them so they acquire the language during everyday situations just like their mother tongue. Teaching happens through circle times and controlled play.


Through our micro group activities we focus on the development of basic numeracy skills, which is an essential step towards a successful start of the first year in school. Children have an opportunity to develop interest in Maths through these playful activities and they gain an optimal level of numeracy skills. It will also form a foundation of logical thinking, which will help them greatly benefit them in many ways later in life.

Language games

One of the favourite activities in our pre-K and kindergarten year groups is the vocabulary and language games, which will help children in school with their reading and writing. We find time for these activities almost every day. The speech and auditory perception exercises and word games are very popular activities with our children.

Micro group activities

Children can explore the world around them and gain basic experience in Maths in free and controlled activities. Through art (music, literature and Arts&Crafts) activities their creativity will also develop. It is important to us to spend as much time as possible with children on a one-to-one basis. In addition to that we hold micro group sessions.