Orchidea Kindergarten is part of the educational system of Orchidea International Schools. The kindergarten takes place in a separate section of the school building with its own entrance from outside.

The kindergarten is open for children with any nationalities aged 3 to 6 years.  We provide full time care fulfilling individual needs.

We prepare for school and we provide education embracing play-based learning. English and Hungarian languages are present all day in the kindergartener’s life. The languages of the educational activities alternate but everyday activities involve English AND Hungarian simultaneously. Children are not expected to be native speakers, and speaking English is not a condition for application. Our educational programme is based on the National Master Programme for Preschool Education.

Our highly qualified staff deserve all the credit for the quality of our education.     


Orchidea Kindergarten encourages multiculturalism, multilingualism and the values of play-based learning. Our programme and methodology are built on these. Our objective is that children of different cultures peacefully coexist learning from each other and in a co-operative manner. It’s important for us that apart from the intensive English language education the value of the renowned Hungarian kindergarten education is passed to our children.